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New to Newgrounds!! Voice for Hire!

2009-06-20 16:12:09 by WhimJim

Hey all! I'm so glad to be here. I hope to be a big part of the flash community soon, but not in the animation business. I'm hoping to be a voice actor for cartoon artists all around! If you're looking to hear a demo of my talents, please e-mail me via the link I've given you. So far my so-called talent ranges from humorous to serious voices, so it makes no difference what sort of cartoon you pose for my work. I'll be free for the time being, just to get out there acting, so act now! That... That was a joke, acting, act... You get the idea.

I can't say much for now, just that I'm very excited and I hope you'll all be hearing me soon. :D


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2009-06-20 16:13:12



2009-06-20 16:52:15

Good luck, don't let yourself be idiotified by the Forums.

WhimJim responds:

I'll try not to be. From my experience of the internet, it's easy to be labeled a noob if you say one stupid thing. D:


2009-07-03 18:57:31

I highly recommend this guy, very talented when it comes to VA'ing

WhimJim responds:

Thanks SO much, Keanoo. :)