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Entry #2

Three Jobs So Far!

2009-07-08 21:31:55 by WhimJim

Awesome. I've gotten three requests for my voice acting talent so far! Two of them, I've completed, and I'm on to the third one! Of course, I suppose I'm still a free talent... But once I've gained some more notoriety, I'll be sure to get some money for my efforts.

FINALLY I fixed my microphone, the sound will no longer pull to the left speaker! Plus, there's no more light sounds of static while I'm talking, so that's cool.

Remember, if you have requests, send them via PM or my email right here.


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2009-07-16 23:25:23

Since you're working with me on my script and everything, I don't have cash as you know, but I'd like to know if you're up for doing a sequel? I have no script in place, seeing as I'm not really done with the first one yet.